What is an Operating System? Different Types of Operating Systems

What is an Operating System?

An Operating System is Software that manages all the program in a computer at the same time and load the programs into the memory of the Computer. OS is a medium between a Computer user and Computer hardware. Every Computer contains an operating system that runs other programs in the Computer.

The Operating System makes it very easy to communicate with the Computer without knowing the Computer’s language. It’s just impossible to use any Computer or Mobile phone without any Operating System.

History of Operating Systems


The Operating Systems were first developed in the late 1950s to manage the storage of tape recordings. This Operating System was originally developed by General Motors Research Lab for their Computer IBM 701 which was the advanced Computer at that time. After 10 years in the 1960s, Operating systems are going to be very advance and started using disks. At the end of the 1960s, Unix OS launched its first version of the Operating System.

Nowadays, the King of Operating systems is Microsoft. Microsoft’s first Operating System was MS-DOS, built-in 1981. Microsoft built this OS by purchasing 86-DOS software from Seattle Company. The Most Popular OS is Windows which first came into existence in 1985. Windows are formed by merging MS-DOS and Graphical User Interface which Microsoft has developed.

Operating Systems Examples

There are thousands of operating systems available in the market. Some of the famous Operating Systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, etc. The Examples of the Most Famous operating systems are given with their Market Share:

OS Name OS Market Share (in percentage)
Windows 40.35
Android 37.94
Mac OS4.34
Chrome OS0.14
Windows Phone OS0.06

Market Share of Operating Systems

The above table consists of famous OS by their Market Share. These are the top-used OS globally. The Most used OS is Microsoft Windows and the least used OS is Kolibri OS. I think some of you never realized that Kolibri OS existed. The oldest mobile phone OS was Symbian which was released in 1997 and now this OS is discontinued. The most used OS is Android and it has taken the majority share in the Smartphone Operating Systems Market.

macOS operating system

macOS Operating system is a type of operating System discovered by Apple. It is only used on Mac Computers. macOS is not difficult to use, works very well, and is compatible with other products of Apple. Some of the latest versions of the macOS operating system are as under:

macOSLatest version
macOS Ventura13.3.1
macOS Monterey12.6.5
macOS Big Sur11.7.6
macOS Catalina10.15.7
macOS Mojave10.14.6
macOS High Sierra10.13.6
macOS Sierra10.12.6
OS X El Capitan10.11.6
OS X Yosemite10.10.5
OS X Mavericks10.9.5
OS X Mountain Lion10.8.5
OS X Lion10.7.5
Mac OS X Snow Leopard10.6.8
Mac OS X Leopard10.5.8
Mac OS X Tiger10.4.11
Mac OS X Panther10.3.9
Mac OS X Jaguar10.2.8
Mac OS X Puma10.1.5
Mac OS X Cheetah10.0.4

Different Types of Operating Systems


There are seven different types of Operating Systems:

  • Multitasking Operating System
  • Batch Operating System
  • Multiprocessing Operating System
  • Real-Time Operating System
  • Distributed Operating System
  • Network Operating System
  • Mobile Operating System

Multitasking Operating Systems

Multitasking Operating Systems are that OS takes some time to execute so that other tasks can work smoothly. Each task takes time for the CPU as they are using a single operating system. Multitasking OS has high-end hardware configurations which can do heavy tasks like gaming, editing, and another type of Multitasking. These Operating Systems are also called Multitasking Operating Systems.


When the present tasks are completed the OS automatically assigns the next task to the Computer. The time which each task gets to execute is called quantum. Multitasking OS allows you to do one or more tasks at the same time. All Personal Computers which are used in the Home are Multitasking OS like Microsoft Windows and Mac.

Batch Operating Systems


These are those Operating Systems which does not directly interact with the Computer. The role of these Operating Systems is to execute tasks in batch automatically. The responsibility of giving tasks to the Computer is of Operating System. It’s very difficult to analyze how much time will any task take to complete but Batch Operating Systems know how much time will the task takes. Batch Operating System is used in mainframe Computers and can perform multiple actions at a single time.

Multiprocessing Operating Systems

It is that OS that uses two or more two processors (CPU) in a single Computer System. These multiple processors are in close communication and share computer memory, bus, and other devices. These types of systems require very high speed to process a large volume of data. These types of Operating Systems are used in a high-class environment like Satellite Control, Weather forecasting, etc.


Multiprocessing OS works on a single memory but has different processing units and can process multiple applications. If a task fails in Multiprocessing OS, the task automatically assigns to another process which reduced time. This type of OS is cheaper than single-processor systems. Unix is the best example of a Multiprocessing Operating System.

Real-Time Operating System

A Real-Time Operating System is a System that serves real-time applications that process real-time as it comes in. It processes real-time data only without any buffering delay. Real-Time Operating System is also called RTOS. Real-Time OS is an Event Driven System that does not waste time on processing.


Real-time operating systems have very similar functions as general-purpose Operating Systems like Windows, Linux or macOS, etc. It is designed to handle multiple processes at the same time within a limited time. Real-Time OS are used in restaurants, ATMs, Airplanes, Pacemakers, etc. These types of OS are used in real-time means It’s used to do tasks at the same time.

Distributed Operating Systems

A Distributed Operating System it a that OS has a collection of independent software, a communicational network with each other, and a separate connection with physical nodes. It connects multiple computers through a single communication system. This OS contains different types of computer devices, nodes, and sites. Joined together via a LAN/WAN line.


Distributed Operating System is also called Loosely coupled systems. Distributed OS is a multitasking and multithreading Operating System. The Example of this type of operating system is IBM RS/6000. These types of Operating Systems are used in dedicated servers and shared servers which are used for online hosting and these type of Computers are Controlled by Unix Operating Systems.

Network Operating Systems

A Network OS is a that Operating System manages all the Network resources. This OS allows Multiple Computers to communicate with each other in a network and can share files in the same network area. Network Operating Systems are mainly used for supporting workstations, sharing databases, and file and printer access sharing in multiple computers in the same network.


Network OS provides services like protocol support, processing support to the processor, and other remote server services. This type of Operating system allows computers to share resources using a single Network. The best example of Network OS is Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Macintosh, Linux, etc.

Mobile Operating Systems

A Mobile OS is that Software System that allows a smartphone or tablet and other devices to run Mobile applications and programs on the devices. This type of OS also consists of cellular and wireless networks and also contains mobile phone access. The Mobile Operating System is responsible for operating the hardware units of the device.


Mobile Operating Systems were developed to enable users to use Mobile phones the same as Computer devices. Mobile OS is very user-friendly. The interface of the Mobile OS is very easy to use. In the Mobile OS market, Android has covered more than 70% of the market share. So, it’s not wrong if we say Android is king in Mobile OS. Some of the best examples of Mobile OS are Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone, etc.

Advantages of Operating Systems

advantages of operating system
  • Operating Systems are very easy to use because it has Graphical User Interface.
  • It offers a very clean interface in which every user can execute applications without any issues.
  • It hides details of the hardware of the computer by creating an abstraction.
  • It provides programs in which computers system can run different formats easily.
  • OS has a very amazing user-friendly interface.
  • Multitasking is very easy to do in Operating System.
  • It is a medium between the Computer Hardware and the system’s software.
  • You can customize an OS of your own choice.
  • It provides high value at a cheap cost.
  • You can share resources from one Computer to another with the help of the OS.

Disadvantages of Operating Systems

  • By any chance, if any issue occurs in Operating System, you will lose all the content available in the Device.
  • It is a little expensive for small organizations.
  • OS has higher chances of virus attacks and online threats.
  • Some users download third-party software which is malicious software and later they started malfunctioning in the Computer and slowing down your Operating System.
  • Online attacks like DDOS, Phishing, Spyware, etc can be commonly caused in an Operating System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most used Operating System in Computer?

Windows is the most used Operating System on Computers. It has taken 40.35% market share in all OS manufacturers.

What are some examples of the Operating System?

Some examples of Operating Systems are Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc

Which Mobile OS looks premium?

iOS looks so premium.

Why Linux is so fast?

Linux is a very lightweight Operating system while Windows and macOS are heavy.

Which country uses Linux most?

According to a survey, India has the largest number of Linux users. Cuba and Russia seem also to have an interest in Linux OS because they have a large number of Linux users after India.


Operating Systems are very easy to use and very user-friendly. In this article, I have explained the Operating Systems and their types. You got something new to learn with the help of this article. If you enjoyed learning this article, please visit Solvingdad.com again.

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