What is Xfinity xfi Complete?

Xfinity xfi: In this article, we will explore Xfinity xfi Complete let’s start. Your internet browsing requirements are satisfied with the help of Xfinity xFi packages, which offer a unique WiFi experience with outstanding features. When you sign up for Xfinity Internet services, a technician will come to your house to set up the network hardware. The technician will also assess the best location for the xFi Gateway to provide better wireless range coverage.

Additionally, you can quickly self-install the gadget. All things considered, the Xfinity xFi creates a healthy WiFi environment, provides a number of useful WiFi utilities, and places unified control in your hands. Managing your wireless network is simpler than ever with xFi. Let’s read on to understand more about it.

Xfinity xfi Complete

What is Xfinity xfi Complete?

There are constraints. Not accessible everywhere. Prices are liable to change. restricted to residential subscribers of Xfinity post-pay Internet, except the Internet Essentials tier of service. Advanced Security: Requires an Xfinity xFi Gateway that is compatible. Through the Xfinity app, Advanced Security must be activated. Tech Upgrade: Available only to Xfinity Internet users who have xFi Complete and xFi Gateway hardware. After three years, upgrade.

Where we have upgraded our network at this time, a small fraction of consumers may not be able to get faster upload speeds with xFi Complete. After their xFi gateway has been activated, customers who are affected will be notified within one week. In accordance with your speed tier, we’ll offer standard upload speeds. Upon service termination, all devices must be turned in. Customers without an xFi Gateway can get unlimited data for $30 per month.

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Use Xfinity xFi Advanced Security

What is Xfinity xfi Complete?

xFi Advanced Security:

  • Helps in preventing unintentional access to hazardous websites.
  • Blocks smart device remote access from recognised hazardous sources.
  • Identifies when devices are acting in an unexpected way that could point to a security concern by continuously monitoring network traffic.

We’ll notify you whenever a security issue is found and offer advice on how to deal with it.

The Dashboard and the capabilities of Xfinity xFi Advanced Security are described in this article, along with advice on how to reduce security concerns. For information on eligibility requirements and how to utilise this function, see beginning with xFi Advanced Security.

Enabling Advanced Security

What is Xfinity xfi Complete?

Through the Xfinity app, Advanced Security may be activated in a number of different ways.

If you’re using the Xfinity app to activate a new gateway, you’ll have the option to select Advanced Security at that time.

If Advanced Security isn’t turned on but you have an active xFi Gateway, you can:

  1. Turn it on from Overview.
    • If Advanced Security isn’t already turned on, tap the card on the Overview that asks you to do so.
      • You can activate the card by tapping it; instructions will appear.
  2. From the Security tab, turn it on.
    • A light blue box at the top of the Security tab will ask you to enable Advanced Security if you don’t already have it.
      • You can follow the on-screen instructions to switch it on.
    • If the option isn’t visible at the top of the Security page, you may alternatively enable it by choosing Advanced Security as you scroll down.

Note that Enabling Advanced Security entirely may take up to 10 minutes.

Security Level

Once activated, you can monitor the status of security activity in the Xfinity app’s Overview section’s header.

Whole Security Dashboard

Tap the Security tab, followed by Advanced Security, to access the Advanced Security dashboard. The Dashboard provides you with a thorough overview of the security threats discovered during the previous seven days, along with a list of the affected devices.

Control security risks

Threats are divided into two groups: those that just call for awareness and those that demand action. All security threats are stopped right away, but in some cases, we’ll advise additional steps to ensure they won’t happen again.

Only Awareness-Based Threats

These consist of dark site visits. You won’t need to do anything, but you will be informed that the activity may be harmful. Select the device from the Advanced Security dashboard to see more information.

When a device is restricted from accessing a risky website, for instance, the threat information page will highlight the dangers connected to that device.

You can choose Allow Access to gain access to a site for up to an hour whenever a device is being prevented from doing so. Find out more about the different threats.


These consist of deliberate network attacks, shady device behaviour, and unauthorised access attempts. A device may become vulnerable to a virus or malware when certain security hazards happen.

We advise you to take extra security precautions to protect your device. You’ll notice a warning at the top of the Dashboard if a security issue needs your attention, along with a count of how many. Choose the device to get to the threat details page and take appropriate action.

On the threat details page, you will see a list of security concerns that have been eliminated but need your attention to prevent recurrence. Choose Help Me Fix It to access advice on how to deal with the threat. Learn more about the many threats.

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What is the difference between xFi and xFi complete?

The somewhat more expensive xFi Complete edition comes with unlimited data and xFi Gateway. Additionally, it connects to xFi Pods to provide a wide wireless range across your house.

What is the benefit of xFi?

The Xfinity app, which is free and simple to use, allows you to set up your home network, retrieve your password, view what devices are connected, establish parental controls, and even suspend WiFi during mealtimes or bedtime. Gateways offer a customised WiFi experience.

What WiFi is Xfinity xFi?

Additionally, our new xFi Gateway can power hundreds of devices simultaneously, has 3x the bandwidth for more reliable connections, is ultra-fast with multi-gig speed capability where gig speeds are available, and has WiFi 6E — the most advanced WiFi technology, available only from Xfinity.

Is xFi an internet?

Customers of Xfinity Internet service who have a suitable Xfinity Gateway can use Xfinity xFi. Customers of Xfinity Prepaid exclusively are not eligible. Customers of Xfinity Internet who have a suitable Xfinity xFi Gateway can use xFi Advanced Security.


In Conclusion, With excellent features, Xfinity xFi provides a distinctive WiFi experience. The xFi Gateway can be self-installed or set up by an expert. Additional advantages of xFi Complete include Advanced Security. It aids in preventing access to risky websites, restricts remote access from perilous sources, and highlights security issues. After the service is over, return the equipment. Xfinity xFi offers a robust and secure WiFi solution overall.

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