Qualcomm Officially confirms Galaxy S23 series come with Snapdragon Chipset

Samsung and Qualcomm have officially confirmed that Samsung will not use Exynos chips in their upcoming Flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Samsung will now use its own Exynos chip in its mid-range phones. Galaxy S23 and series will come with a Powerful Snapdragon Chip all over the world.

This news is confirmed by the CFO of Qualcomm Akash Palkhiwala while a board of directors meeting going and in the meeting, an investor asked this question on the call. The Exact words of the CFO Akash Palkhiwala are:


These are the exact words that are said by Qualcomm CEO Akash Palkhiwala. The official manufacturer of the Exynos Chip is Samsung but Exynos is not as powerful as Snapdragon. So, that’s the only reason Samsung is replacing Exynos with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon in their upcoming Flagship Smartphone Galaxy S23 Series. A moment before, Samsung used Qualcomm chips but after that, they started using their own Exynos chips. Now again Samsung is Continuing to install Snapdragon Chips.

This is very good news for people in the United Kingdom, Europe, and all over the World because Samsung’s Exynos is not good as compared to Snapdragon and for years Samsung is using bad quality cameras in their mid-range phones. This thing will not affect the US as they were already using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Chip for years.

Samsung is one of the oldest customers of Qualcomm and their relations are very good. Samsung is a South Korean-based company whereas Qualcomm is based in California, United States of America. In America, Samsung launches Galaxy S22 with Qualcomm Edition but for the rest of the world, Samsung uses its own Exynos Chip.

Future Plans


According to recent reports, Samsung will introduce its Galaxy S23 series Smartphone in the first week of February 2023. This may be the first time that Samsung will launch its all models with the same processors globally. As we have seen in the past that Samsung always launches its phone in the United States first with different chipsets and on different dates. But this time Samsung will launch its phone at the same time and with the same chipset all over the world. Qualcomm’s CFO officially confirmed that Samsung’s Upcoming smartphone will come with a Snapdragon-powered Chipset.

On another side, Some analysts have claimed that the Samsung-produced Exynos chipset is very good and is a great chance to diversify from the manufacturing chain that predominately connects Taiwan-China. A potential war military might have a significant impact on the production of the chip material on a worldwide scale. This thing also increases the issue of pricing to sum up. Although, Apple maintained the pricing of its brand new phone iPhone 14 and series in the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world saw price rises. Will Samsung experience a similar price increase when switching to the more potent and presumably slightly more expensive Snapdragon chip? That is another possibility that Samsung has time to think so, but it’s far too early to say that.

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CREDITS: – Android Authority

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