Major US Broadcaster responds to Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

US Broadcaster responds: CBS News (Colombia Broadcasting Systems News) is temporarily quitting the platform. As their new chairman has fired staff of the company and reinstated the banned accounts. CBS News is one of the biggest broadcasters in the USA. This major broadcaster announced on Friday that it was suspending its use of Twitter, citing the “unpredictability” of Elon Musk’s moves at the company. The platform’s new CEO has laid off more than half of the platform’s employees. And restored several high-profile accounts that had been banned for “hateful conduct” and identity theft.

CBS News reporter Jonathan Vigliotti said in a report Friday.:

“Due to the uncertainty surrounding Twitter and out of an abundance of caution. CBS News is pausing activity on the social media site as it continues to monitor this platform. Several CBS-owned stations shared similar statements shortly afterward. The three main CBS Twitter accounts – @CBSNews, @CBSEveningNews, and CBSMornings – have not posted any content to the platform since the following Friday.

CBS News – Major US Broadcaster

It is not clear what specific “uncertainty” Vigliotti is referring to, despite warnings to the contrary from the media and tech-focused experts. Twitter has continued to function normally throughout the three weeks owned by Elon Musk. However, Musk laid off a least 50% of the company’s employees in early November. Hundreds of employees left the company on Thursday after being asked by the billionaire to work “extremely strenuous” hours.


Twitter’s offices were closed on Thursday, allegedly due to concerns about vandalism by disgruntled former employees. Musk himself ordered anyone at the company to “actually write the software” to an all-hands meeting on Friday, based on a tweet by the CEO, which ended in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Musk has introduced many changes to the platform, not just financially and technologically. Before buying Twitter for $44 billion last month, the SpaceX and Tesla mogul said he planned to roll back some of the platform’s most abhorrent censorship policies.

While insisting that so-called “hate tweets” will always be “taken down” on Twitter, he restored two accounts – satirical news site. The Babylon Bee and Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson were suspended for calling a transgender woman a man. Free-lance comedian Kathy Griffin has also had her account reinstated after being banned for changing her account to impersonate Musk.


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