Journalists who wrote about Elon Musk have their Twitter accounts suspended.

Journalists who wrote about Elon Musk have their Twitter accounts suspended:- Neither Twitter nor Elon Musk provided an explanation for why the accounts were deleted, along with the users’ biographies and previous tweets.

Journalists who cover Twitter and its new owner Elon Musk had their accounts suspended on Thursday. These individuals included journalists for The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and other organisations.

Neither the firm nor Musk provided an explanation for why it deleted the accounts, their profiles, and their previous tweets.

Journalists who wrote about Elon Musk have their Twitter accounts suspended.

Musk’s decision on Wednesday to permanently ban an account that automatically tracked the flights of his private jet using data that was available to the public was followed by a sudden suspension of news reporters. The sharing of someone else’s present location without that person’s agreement is now prohibited on Twitter, according to a regulation change made on Wednesday.

The new policy and Musk’s justification for it, which included his claims about a stalker episode that allegedly occurred against his family on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, were topics of writing for a number of the journalists who were fired on Thursday night.


Why is Musk’s selling Tesla shares?

Currently, Mr. Musk has made $23 billion in sales of Tesla stock this year, a large portion of which came after his April commitment to stop selling shares to fund his Twitter transaction. By tweeting on Tuesday, “Beware of debt in turbulent macroeconomic times, especially when Fed keeps hiking rates,” he gave an indication as to what he was planning.

How does Twitter generate revenue?

The sale of advertising services, which makes up the lion’s share of Twitter’s income, and the licencing of data and other services make up the other half. 3 Other social media firms like Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook, are among Twitter’s main rivals.

Why are Twitter accounts suspended?

If Twitter believes you are abusing other users, using false information, spamming, operating a bot, pretending to be someone else’s account, or acting suspiciously or abusively, they may temporarily suspend or limit your account. In addition, if Twitter believes your account has been hacked or compromised, your account may be restricted or locked.

Is Twitter a secure platform?

In addition to email addresses and passwords, Twitter maintains a tonne of user data in its direct message inboxes, a feature that lacks the end-large-end encryption used by other well-known messaging services to protect users.

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