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Best Operating System for Smartphones:- I don’t care if your favorite tech commentator says that only idiots buy iPhones. The only thing that I need is Best Operating System for Smartphones. Or your friend in the IT department asserts that he’s an idiot and that their Android phone is great. This is a tribal choice, not a tech choice. Based on the specs, I have to start by saying that there is no right answer if you want to make a logical choice between an iPhone and an Android phone.

The simple truth is that iOS and Android both have good and bad things. The Operating system usability depends on person to person. Many people like iOS but many of them are fond of the Android Operating System. By using iPhone, the OS and the hardware are tied up and in some cases, it’s very frustrating to transfer data to another device or another Operating System whereas android has a different story. In this article, we have covered almost aspect while choosing Best Operating System for Smartphones.

Comparing a good budget Android phone like the iPhone 13 and the Moto G Power is totally like comparing apples and oranges because both are very good in their own way. Both smartphone OS add different value to the life of the user. There are many different factors between Android and iOS. A better comparison can be made with the top flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Best Operating System for Smartphones

So, We have to check out many things before judging an Operating System. You cannot compare phones without knowing the hardware differences in the phone systems. We will compare Apple and Android phones on different key aspects of the smartphone.

Ease of Use

Apple products are often said to just work. The iOS interface is certainly easy to use. But that’s the Android interface. Honestly, if you can use one, you can use the other without any problem. Nowadays all smartphone interfaces are better and easier to use than before. Every Operating System has different controls and ways of use. For basic use, Android is easy to use.


An Android phone gives you full control of the phone, you can transfer files, applications, and other data from one Android phone to another device or Operating System. But iPhone has a lack of transferring issues to other Operating Systems. The Interface between Android and iOS is slightly different. The application management of the Android is to Swipe up to view the Applications. On iPhone, you find every installed application on your Home Screen. Ease of Use is one of the best key aspects when selecting Best Operating System for Smartphones. Some people like using Android while others like to use iOS.

AI and Voice Assistant

Google and Apple both have their own assistants, Apple has Siri and Google has Google Assistant. According to the Users, Google Assistant is far better than Apple’s Siri. Google Assistant has a very great voice interface for Google Searches and other Google Applications.


If you use Google’s applications like Google Maps and Calendar, Google Assistant makes life easier. You will get alerts or reminders from time to time about any important date and time. Let’s suppose you will have lunch with someone and the traffic is very heavy. In this case, Your Google Assistant will recognize that you need to leave early for your reservation and notify you in advance.

Time To Time Update


On the other side, If it comes to Software Updates, Apple outperforms Android handily. All phones which are still supported, receive the most recent update or patch whenever Apple publishes it. It’s all about crossing your fingers and hoping for the best with Android Phones. It is because Google provides the base of the Operating System and some bundled programs, whereas the iPhone is completely under Apple patches or we can say Apple Ecosystem. There is a possibility that you will receive the fixes on time if you use a high-end phone. You probably won’t even get a security fix for many Android cell phones, though.

One of the big reasons is that Android phone launch every 1 week or 2 weeks but In iPhone, it’s completely different they launch only one phone in a year and they give Software updates to their phone. And also there are hundreds of Android phone Companies available in the Market but iOS has only one Company which is Apple. You probably won’t even get a security fix for many of the other Android cell phones.


best operating system for smartphones - security

When we talk about Android Security, it’s not so much that Android lacks security as it is because Google is less strict than Apple about apps it lets into its App store. In Apple, you can’t download or install any application from other sources except App Store. But you can download and install any application in android from anywhere there is no restriction. Android Smartphone has Google Play Protect which scan Applications on your phone. However, according to Google, malware is present in 0.16 of all programs. Security is the most important key factor when choosing Best Operating System for Smartphones.

In General, iPhones are built to be more secure and iPhones are famous for their security. That’s the only reason why celebrities use iPhones. If you believe you can trust Apple with your privacy then you can use iPhone. While Apple is not universally seen as trustworthy, Google also receives criticism for not being reliable when it comes to personal information. Frankly speaking, iPhones are more secure than Android Phones.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery Life of the phone depends on its usage, it can’t be judged by its model. Because Android phone models vary so much from one another, battery life is difficult to evaluate. Battery Consumption of the Operating System is a very important aspect of the smartphone. So, choose carefully Best Operating System for Smartphones. Generally, Android Smartphones have better battery life than iOS.

battery life and charging

Android phones, in my experience, don’t require as frequent charging as iPhones, especially when using Motorola, Samsung, or Google phones. Considering that your charge may differ based on the phone you have and how you it, let’s declare a draw.

Which is the Best Operating System for Smartphones?

Almost 72% of the Smartphone Market Share is covered by Android. For Security reasons people prefer to use iOS but Android has also very good Security. iOS are generally faster and smoother, so we can say that iOS is the Best Operating System for Smartphones.

Which is better Android or iOS?

iOS are Generally smoother and faster.

Which phone OS is the safest?

Apple’s iOS is the most safest and best Operating System for Smartphones.



These are five key points in which you can judge the Operating System by your point of view. You can choose a Smartphone by verifying these 5 simple steps. There are many factors that depend while choosing Best Operating System for Smartphones.

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