Twitter Targeted Female Employees for Layoffs

Twitter Inc. was recently hit with another lawsuit stemming from laying off half of its employees. In that lawsuit, the social media company was accused of disproportionately targeting female employees for layoffs. A proposed class action lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Francisco late Wednesday after Twitter fired 57% of its employees after being bought by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. They laid off 57% of its female workers compared to 47% of men.

Twitter laid off about 3,700 employees in early November as part of Mr. Musk’s cost-cutting measures and has since laid off hundreds more. Gender inequality is more pronounced in engineering jobs, with 63% of women out of work compared to 48% of men, according to a new lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed by two women who were fired from Twitter last month, alleges the company violated federal and California laws prohibiting sex discrimination in the workplace.


Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Plaintiffs’ attorney Shannon Rhys Riordan said when Musk took over the company, the woman “had goals on her back,” regardless of her talents or contributions.

Liss-Riordan is representing her current and former Twitter employees in her three other pending lawsuits filed in the same court since last month. These lawsuits include Twitter’s failure to terminate employees and contractors without notice as required by law, failure to pay promised severance pay, and Musk’s refusal to allow remote work. It includes various allegations, such as deporting workers with disabilities in a bid to do more with full focus.

At least three of their employees work separately in the United States of America. The National Labor Relations Commission has filed a complaint against Twitter, alleging retaliation for campaigning for better working conditions. Twitter has denied any wrongdoing in the lawsuit in a prior notice and has not responded to the other complaints.

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