In November, Meta removed 2.29 billion posts from Facebook and Instagram; several users said their accounts had been hacked.

According to the India Monthly Report that the social media giant Meta issued on Thursday, it took action against more over 2.29 crore pieces of information posted by Indian users on Facebook and Instagram in November.

According to the information in the report, the business took action on more than 1.95 billion pieces of content on Facebook and 33.9 lakh pieces of content on Instagram.

On Facebook alone, the corporation removed almost 1.49 crore instances of spam content, followed by 18 lakh items relating to “Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity,” and 12 lakh items relating to “Violent and Graphic Content.”

On Instagram, Meta removed 10 lakh pieces of content related to self-harm and suicide, 7.27 lakh posts with violent content, 7.12 lakh posts with adult narcissism and sexual activity, 4.84 lakh posts with bullying or harassment, 2.25 lakh pieces of content it deemed to be promoting “violence and incitement,” along with other content that broke its rules.

Instagram users filed 2,368 complaints with Meta under the IT Rules of 2021, with the most common being for account hacking (939), followed by fraudulent profiles (891), bullying or harassment (136), content depicting the user in nudity or partial nudity or in a sexual act (94) and other issues.

In 1,124 of these inbound reports, we gave users tools to help them solve their problems, Meta stated.

The corporation responded to 30 allegations of content showing users in partial or full nudity or engaging in sexual activity, 31 complaints of bullying or harassment, 253 claims of account hacking, 555 reports of false accounts, and 555 reports of phoney profiles.

According to the IT Rules of 2021, the social media company received 889 complaints on Facebook, and in 511 of those cases it gave users the tools they needed to fix the problems.

According to the report, Facebook users primarily expressed concern about their accounts being hacked, followed by issues with lost access to pages they maintained, bullying or harassment, and content depicting people in nudity or partial nudity or performing a sexual act. When users were unable to access pages, the company addressed every issue.

According to the research, the company only responded to 73 complaints about phoney profiles, 40 about accounts that had been hacked, 29 about bullying or harassment, and only 17 about content that showed the user in nudity or partial nudity or performing a sexual act.

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